Tiara Chaumet Emerald - Smaragd Juwelen und Schmuck der Familie Jussupov | Treasures of the Russian Imperial Cour
Tiara Chaumet Emerald - Smaragd Juwelen und Schmuck der Familie Jussupov | Treasures of the Russian Imperial Cour
Tiara Chaumet Emerald - Smaragd Juwelen und Schmuck der Familie Jussupov | Treasures of the Russian Imperial Cour
Tiara Chaumet Emerald - Smaragd Juwelen und Schmuck der Familie Jussupov | Treasures of the Russian Imperial Cour

Smaragd Schmuck der Familie Jussupov

Prachtvoller Kopfschmuck von Chaumet gefertigt 1914 für die Grossfürstin Irina Youssoupoff. Mit Diamanten und einem sehr grossen rechteckigen Smaragden als Mittelpunkt, ganz modern als Bandeau, also Stirnband gearbeitet nach der damaligen letzten Mode.
Die Diamanten a jour gefasst und alles in Platin, war es Teil einer Smaragd-Parure der Familie, die einer der grössten Schmucksammlungen der Welt besass. Ihre Dutzende Paläste (sieben allein in St. Petersburg ) ausgestattet mit Arbeiten von Rembrandt, Van Dyck und Tiepolo, schmückten sie auch mit dekorativen imposanten Kristallschüsseln, gefüllt mit ungeschliffenen Rubinen, Sapphires und Smaragden. Ihre Sammlung an historischen Stücken, wie den Polarstern Diamanten mit 41 ct, den Sultan von Marokko (6 ct) und eine 111-Tropfen Silberperle, die als La Pelegrina bekannt ist ("die Unvergleichbare") miteinschlossen, waren jedoch die bedeutendsten Stücke.

The greatest coup for Chaumet was the commission for Princess Xenaide Yousopoff to remount the family stones (inkl. the Polar Star diamond, when her son Felix married the Tsar´s niece in 1914.Being the Yussupov, the wealthies family in Europe

The center of Zenaide's world was her palace at No. 94 Moika Canal in St. Petersburg. Spreads over three floors were drawing rooms, reception rooms, and art galleries. A Moorish Room, complete with a central fountain, had been copied directly from an apartment in the Alhambra. Zenaide's bedroom, hung with watered blue damask, contained long rows of cabinets filled with her priceless collection of tiaras, necklaces, earrings, and brooches. The furniture in her boudoir had belonged to Marie Antoinette; above swirled a chandelier of rock crystal, taken from Madame de Pompadour's bedroom at Versailles. Paintings by Rembrandt, Tiepolo, Fragonard, Bouchier, Watteau, and Robert graced the walls; the furniture was carved and gilded with gold and inlaid with ormolu; and the tables held bowls of uncut diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, used as mere decorations. At one end of the palace, separated by a series of galleries, was a private Louis XV-style theatre, in cream and gold.

In these elaborate surroundings, Zenaide held court on a scale equaled only by the Imperial Family themselves. Orchestras and ballet companies were hired for evening entertainments, and a thousand guests might dine on solid gold or silver plate, lulled into a state of enchantment by the perfection of the setting. Infanta Eulalia, aunt of King Alfonso XIII of Spain, recalled one such evening: "The Princess was a most lovely woman, whose marvelous beauty stands out... She lived in extraordinary luxury in a setting of unsurpassed splendor, surrounded by works of art of the purest Byzantine style... The magnificence and luxury of Russia, blended with the refinement and distinction of France, reached its culminating point in the Yusupov Palace... The Princess wore a court gown studded with the finest diamonds and pearls. Tall, exquisitely beautiful, she wore a kokoshnik set with enormous pearls and equally large diamonds worth a fortune. A dazzling array of fantastic jewels from the East and the West completed her costume: ropes of pearls, massive gold bracelets of ancient design, pendants of turquoise and pearls, multi colored glittering rings... All these gave to Princess Yusupov the majestic splendor of a Byzantine empress."source: Zenaide Yusupov by Greg King


Emerald - Diamond - Stomacher | Smaragd Brustschmuck

Ruby - Diamond - Necklace | Rubin Diamant Kette

Chaumet Emerald Diamond Tiara | Smaragd Diamant Diadem von Chaumet

Ruby Diamond Chaumet Bandeau | Rubin Diamant Stirnband

Queen Marie Antoinettes Diamond Drops | Königin Marie-Antoinettes Diamanttropfen

Sapphire - Diamond Coronet | Saphir Diamant Krönchen - Diadem in Weissgold

Princess Irina`s Wedding Tiara | Hochzeits Diadem mit Brillanten und graviertem Bergkristall

LA PELEGRINA and the Black Azra Pearl | Die PELEGRINA Perle und die schwarze Azra Perle

Lover Knot´s Pearl Tiara | Tropfen-Perlen Diadem mit dem Liebesknoten Ornament


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