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Diamant Perlen Diadem Schmuck| Diamond-Tiara | Londonderry Jewels

Dieser Diamant Schmuck mit Diadem gehörte der Marchioness von Londonderry.

Die Perlen zumindest die Perltropfen dürften ebenfalls ein Geschenk von Zar Alexander I sein, denn sie sind bei einem russichen Juwelier gefasst worden.
Es gibt nahezu identische Fassungen im russischen Fond. Das heisst nicht, dass die Perlen einen Romanov-Ursprung haben, aber sie wurden bei einem St. Petersburger Juwelier in Auftrag gegeben.


Historic Noble Pearls Necklace | Londonderry Jewels

"Lady Londonderry had a real Imperial crown surmounted by an exquisite cross in magnificent brilliants: it was an exact copy of Maria Theresa's own crown, made from her own jewels, and several necklaces and bracelets had been broken up to make it. Then all her beautiful pearl necklaces were looped on the bodice of her dress with a magnificent rivière of huge single stones; in fact, her bodice was a blaze of brilliants, with diamond clasps holding the train on the shoulders and diamonds sewn even to the front of her skirt. All her jewels were diamonds and pearls, except one lovely ruby which blazed on her wrist." Vanity Fair, 8 July 1897 [quoted in Tiaras: A History of Splendour, Geoffrey C Munn, London, 2001]

Diamond and pearl necklace, earrings and several brooches, part of a suite of jewellery commissioned c. 1821 by Frances Anne, wife of 3rd Marquis of Londonderry.

The Marchioness of Londonderry came to the Devonshire House Ball dressed as Empress Maria Theresa of Austria, a strong reference to her own powerful position in the political life of the country. Although the costume was executed by Messrs. Durrant of New Bond Street, the embroidery was carried out by young ladies at a needlework school - a charitable purchase by Lady Londonderry. The bodice was further adorned with a magnificent diamond stomacher and ropes of pearls festooned on each side. She wore a necklace of pear-shaped pearls, with another diamond rivière above and as a crown the famous Londonderry tiara which had been adapted by the addition of a cross of brilliants. The newspapers were unanimous that Lady Londonderry

The newspapers were unanimous that Lady Londonderry “looked the part to perfection” and she was listed among “the beauties of the night.”

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