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Princess Maud

  • the gifts were on view at St. James’s Palace in the Queen Anne drawing room, the tapestry room and the entrée room

  • it was estimated that the couple had received 460 presents, ranging from jewellery and silver to household objects

  • gifts from her fiancé included: a diamond, pearl and platinum sautoir, and a diamond and platinum bracelet -above in the picture.

  • gifts of jewellery from the families included:
    a diamond bandeau in a floral design from the King and Queen,
    a curved diamond, pearl and turquoise tiara from Queen Alexandra her grandmother,
    a diamond flower pendant, sapphire and diamond tassel pendant and necklet, a sapphire and diamond band bracelet from her mother the Princess Royal,
    a diamond and emerald piece (from the Earl of Southesk),
    a pearl and diamond bracelet and ring (from the Countess of Southesk),
    a fancy stone pendant (Queen of Norway),
    a pearl and diamond sautoir with a ruby drop (from Princess Victoria),
    a tortoiseshell bangle (from Prince Christopher of Greece)
    a tortoiseshell cigarette-case and matchbox from Princesses Margaret and Theodora of Greece,
    an antique painted fan from the Queen of Spain,
    a silver ‘rabit’ bell push Grand Duchess Xenia,

  • gifts of jewellery from others included:
    a diamond bow brooch (from Lord Revelstoke),
    a diamond wristlet watch (from Lady Rothschild),
    a small ruby and diamond brooch (from Sir John and Lady Lister-Kaye)
    a gold purse set with diamonds and rubies from Mrs. Hanbury-Tracy,
    a diamond and ruby pendant Mrs. Arthur Sassoon and Mrs. Leopold Rothschild,
    a pochette in black suede mounted in brilliants Grand Duke Michael and Countess Torby
    a ring Mrs. Gilliat,
    an antique gem ring Major and Mrs. Bonham,
    a fancy diamond and enamel pendant Captain and Mrs. Hubert Butler,
    a gold bracelet watch Sir Charles and Lady Wenthworth Fitzwilliam,
    a jade bracelet with tassel Lady Glentanar,
    a antique ruby and diamond heart ring;
    a Amethyst and jewelled top sunshade Viscountess Harcourt,
    a malachit and gilt mounted jewel case with diamond mongramm Mr Robert Williams
    a enamel and diamond buckle Marquis d´Haupoul

The Royal Wedding. Presents Described.

Princess Maud, whose marriage to Lord Carnegie takes place on Monday, has received some very lovely jewellery, and this, together with other gifts received by her and Lord Carnegie, was on view in St. James' Palace yesterday afternoon.

One deduces that Princess Maud's tastes are in favour of modern methods of setting.
Queen Alexandra's tiara, of the old-fashioned high kind, is the only "piece" that recalls other days. The setting is gold and rather massive, and the stones, turquoises, diamonds, and a single pearl, are rather large.

The diamond hair bandeau from the King and Queen is quite modern in design, and shows a pattern of diamond leaves between two narrow bands of platinum>>

The Princess Royal's gifts of jewellery to her daughter include a necklet of platinum, set with pearls, with a pendant tassel of pearls. The sautoir became fashionable when the Duke of York gave one to his bride.
Princess Maud has received one from her aunt, the Princess Victoria. It is of pearls and diamonds, with a ruby drop.

Lord Carnegie's gift to his bride is a sautoir consisting of three delicate chains of platinum set with pearls, and there is a platinum and diamond bracelet to match, see above the sautoir is pictured worne by the princess.

One gathers that the Princess, like her cousin Princess Mary Viscountess Lascelles, has a fancy for emeralds. If that is so, Lord Southesk's choice of a diamond and emerald bandeau is a particularly happy one, more especially as the emeralds are great cabochons, separated by squares of diamonds. Emeralds, too, play a part in Lady Southesk's present to her future daughter-in-law.
One of her gifts, a curb chain bracelet, has a clasp with a great square emerald surrounded by diamonds, and there is a diamond and emerald ring from the same donor.

A Princess needs household silver as much as any of her subjects when she is starting her own house, and Princess Maud and Lord Carnegie are well provided for in this respect. Two great tables at the east end of the Queen Anne drawing-room were loaded with every kind of silver and gilt article for which a young couple could find a use.

Prominent amongst them the great double-handled silver bowl give to Lord Carnegies by the King and Queen, and the pair of handsome four-branched candlesticks that were the gifts of the bridegroom's brother officers in the Scots Guards. Jardinières are, it appears, still fashionable, and a particularly handsome one came from Queen Alexandra's household.

Here and there one came across a bit of old silver in the form of a salver, but for the most part the silver was of the modern variety.

The gramophone given by the Kennedy-Erskines of Dun, is, as a matter of fact, a gramophone-de-luxe, with a tortoiseshell case and a trumpet of the same material.
Another sign of modernity was the doll dressed as a bride, complete with bouquet, that certainly the most original of the wedding gifts.
Tortoiseshell is fashionable, and now Prince Christopher of Greece has set the fashion by giving Princess Maud a particularly beautiful bangle of tortoiseshell..

A long Chippendale dining table from the Prince of Wales, Princess Mary (Viscountess Lascelles), and the Duke and Duchess of York is a reminder that the young Royalties are quite alive to the value of practical gifts.
The table is a fine specimen, and would, one judges, seat sixteen to twenty-four people. The china cabinet sent by the tenants and employees of the Mar Estates is a very handsome one, but the gem of the furniture collection is probably the exquisite antique gilt and painted occasional table that bore the card of the Marquess and Marchioness of Salisbury.

Other beautiful furniture was the set of Chinese Chippendale, and another of Hepplewhite, given to her daughter by the Princess Royal. A handsome painted screen is from Lord and Lady Camden, and there are several comfortable arm-chairs, including one from Lord and Nunburnholme and the Hon. Monica Wilson.

A portrait of the Princess, and another of Lord Carnegie by Fiddes Watt, several rugs, a luncheon basket or two, and a fine writing desk are amongst the presents of the severely practical type. There are countess smaller objects, not eh less delightful because they belong to the luxury category--tiny watches, clocks in a pale pink setting, in silver, in marble, in tortoiseshell, in mother of pearl, lacquer mirrors, exquisite fans, some small, some of the giant ostrich feather variety, an exquisite cigarette case or two; a shooting stick, indicating Princess Maud's outdoor tastes, which she shares with the bridegroom whose presents included an imposing array of fishing tackle of all kinds.

During the evening the Princess Royal held a reception at St. James' Palace, when guests, except those privileged ones who had already seen them, had an opportunity of viewing the presents. The scene was brilliant in the extreme, the orders and decorations of the men challenging attention beside the beautiful jewels worn by the women. Another reception was held yesterday afternoon.


Titles though her life:
3 April 1893 – 5 November 1905: The Lady Maud Duff
5 November 1905 – 12 November 1923: Her Highness Princess Maud of Fife
12 November 1923 – 10 November 1941: Lady Carnegie
10 November 1941 – 14 December 1945: The Right Honourable The Countess of Southesk
Legally, Maud remained a Princess of Great Britain and Ireland with the style of Highness until her death.

Princess Maud of Fife Lady Carnegie,Duff,Countess of Southesk,Princess of Great Britain




King and Queen of Denmark, Danish china vase;
Princess Royal (mother of the bride), diamond flower pendant, sapphire and diamond tassel pendant and necklet, sapphire and diamond band bracelet;
Princess Victoria, pearl and diamond sautoir with ruby drop;
Prince Henry, Prince George, the Duke of Connaught, Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll, Princess Beatrice, Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone, and the Earl of Athlone, Lady Patricia Ramsay and the Hon. Alexander Ramsay, the Marquess and Marchioness of Carisbrooke, large bracket clock;
Crown Prince of Sweden, round tortoiseshell tray;
Grand Duchess Xenia, silver ‘rabit’ bell push;

Lord Southesk gave a pearl and diamond pendant, which is very beautiful, to Princess Maud, and to the bridegroom a miniature of his bride. Lady Southesk gave an emerald and diamond bracelet and a ring.


To the gridegroom from the Princess Maud, diamond and sapphire stud, pearl and enamel waistcoat buttons,
Queen Alexandra set of ruby and diamond studs,

Queen Amelie of Portugal, antique painted fan.
Crown Princess of Sweden, crystal flower bowl;
Princess Marie of Greece, silver-gilt cup;
Princess Andrew of Greece, antique silver spoon;
King Manoel and Queen Augusta Victoria of Portugal, pair of silver gilt baskets;
Prince and Princess Arthur of Connaught, silver tea kettle, stand lamp, milk jug and coffee pot
Duchess D’Aosta, antique silver glass bowl


There are…
The Royal gifts of jewelry, the magnificent bandeau from the King and Queen, Queen Alexandra’s tiara, the Princess Royal’s pendants, necklets, and bracelet, the bridegroom’s pearl and diamond sautoir and diamond and platinum bracelet (which the bride has not yet seen), and the other jewels already mentioned in The Times make an imposing display.
Lord Southesk gave a pearl and diamond pendant, which is very beautiful, to Princess Maud, and to the bridegroom a miniature of his bride. Lady Southesk gave an emerald and diamond bracelet and a ring.
There are many joint presents in the case of which one feels that the Royal relatives have consulted the bride. The fine old mahogany Chippendale table with its claw legs, the gift of the Prince of Wales, Princes Mary, Viscountess Lascelles, Viscount Lascelles, and the Duke and Duchess of York, is one of these, and it is shown among the furniture, which does not outnumber the other presents, as sometimes happen. The Princess Royal has given many presents besides jewelry. There are two sets of chairs and two clocks, a gilt one and a travelling clock bearing her name. Princess Marie Louise and Princess Victoria were also among the joint givers of a large bracket clock. Queen Alexandra’s household gave a gilt jardinière with a rose glass lining. A large china cabinet is the gift of the tenants on the Mar estate.
An old-world air is seen on the card attached to a great loving-cup, ”From the tenants and feuars of Fife, Keith, and district.” A great silver Monteith bowl, the gift of the King and Queen to Lord Carnegie, bears the motto “Dread God.”
Prince Christopher of Greece gave a tortoiseshell bangle; Sir Lancelot and Lady Carnegie gave a pair of old carved candlesticks; the Duke and Duchess of Atholl, four toast servers; Sir Sidney Greville, an antique music stand; Sir Dighton Probyn, a cake stand; Mrs. William Leeds, a gold inlaid cigarette case; the Earl and Countess of Elgin, an “Ajmere” rug; the Dowager Countess of Southesk, “Living Animals of the World.”

Sources: The Times;The Yorkshire Post, November 10, 1923;The Sketch;The Tatler;

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Marriage Princess Maud of Fife| Lady Carnegie|Countess of Southesk |Princess of Great Britain | Gifts and Presents

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