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'........I think Xmas is an awful beating, everyone trying to be gay and eating too much and wondering how they'll pay for the presents they have been given'. she told her aunt.

Christmas 1935 was to prove an unhappy time for the couple as due to the gravity of the illness of George V they were unable to spend this festive period together.

For his part the Prince if Wales appeared just as melancholy when he wrote to Mrs Simpson on Boxing Day from Sandringham,
'Good night and good morning my sweetheart.........I couldn't believe it was possible to miss this way but it is so lovely although hell while it lasts. It really is terrible here and so much the worst Xmas I've ever had to spend with the family, far worse than last year and that was bad enough...............' (Letters, pp. 165/66).

This highly impressive and elegant bracelet was given to Wallis by Edward for Christmas 1935, In return her Christmas present to him was a gold and jewel encrusted cigarette case by Cartier. Engraved with a map of Europe and North Africa, routes of their various cruises together were applied in enamel and a gemstone was set at each meaningful location. Shortly after Christmas, on 20th January 1936, the King died and Edward's life was to change dramatically: by 10th December 1936 Edward, as King, delivered his abdication speech and left England to be with the woman he loved.

These jewels are unique, which had not only been chosen by a King to give to the woman he loved, and for whom he gave up his throne, but included, in their own right, some of the masterpieces of 20th century jeweller's art and many fine and glorious gemstones. Edward and Wallis had a shared passion for jewellery which is evident throughout her collection and led to them commissioning some magnificent creations from the finest European and American jewellers of their times.

Designed as three step-cut emeralds with cut-corners, each collet engraved with the weights: 6.59 carats, 8.14 carats and 6.29 carats respectively, alternating with three step-cut diamonds, and connected by sections of five baguette diamonds,accompanied by a later birds eye maple fitted case with the monogram WE; and a silver and birds eye maple photograph frame measuring 27 x 22mm by Garrard & Co Ltd., silver marks for London 1989. The tongue piece inscribed and dated: w - 25.xii.35 - d

Before her death in 1986 the Duchess had given instructions that all her jewels should be sold and the proceeds given to the Pasteur Institute in Paris. France was where she and the Duke had resided for most of their married lives and they always felt a great debt of gratitude for the kindness and warmth shown to them by the French. When the jewels were offered for auction at Sotheby's in Geneva in 1987 not only did the world see an extraordinary collection of jewels, but as many of the pieces were inscribed and dated, it was highly important historical evidence of one of the most dramatic and fascinating love stories of one of all times.

source: Sothebys Previously sold as Lot 76 in the Jewels of the Duchess of Windsor, Thursday 2nd April 1987.

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Emerald Bracelet Weihnachtsgeschenk an Wallis Simpson, Herzogin von Windsor

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Weihnachtsgeschenk an Wallis Simpson | spätere Herzogin von Windsor

"Gute Nacht und Guten Morgen meine Liebste .........!!!
Es ist wirklich schrecklich hier, die schlimmsten Weihnachten die ich jemals mit der Familie verbrachte, sehr viel schlimmer als im letzten Jahr und das war schon schlimm genug ...............'
(Briefe , S.. 165/66)
Diese Zeilen schrieb Edward Prinz von Wales 1935 und bedauerte zutiefst, Weihnachten nicht mit seiner Geliebten verbringen zu können.
Er schenkt Wallis Simpson, zum Trost, dies kostbare Smaragd und Diamant besetzte Armband, das ca 1935 in Frankreich angefertigt wurde und in das wie in allen Schmuckstücken der späteren Herzogin von Windsor, eine Botschaft oder das Datum des Geschenks eingraviert waren.
Es war ein bedeutendes Weihnachten, für Edward, der Vater lang schon im Sterben und das neue Jahr brachte grosse Veränderungen.
Wenig später bestieg Prinz Edward nach dem Tod von GeorgV. im Januar 1936, den britischen Thron.
Das prachtvolle Weihnachtsgeschenk war als Armband mit drei Smaragden im Treppenschliff: 6.59 ct, 8.14 ct und 6.29 ct gestaltet, die Kanten sind abgerundet, die Smaragde werden abgewechselt von 3 Diamanten in Treppenschliff und einer Selektion von weiteren fünf Baguette Diamanten. Eine Gravur mit: w(allis) - 25.xii.35 - d(david=eduard)


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