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The Diamond "Tiara Russe" of the family

The Kokoshnik Tiara, which is sometimes known as the Russian Fringe Tiara, was designed in the style of a Russian peasant girl's headdress
Of fringe design, the articulated and graduated fringe set with old European, old mine and circular-cut diamonds, mounted in silver and gold, ca. 1850/90, most can also be worn as a necklace



Schmuck und Juwelen der Grafen Toerring-Jettenbach |
Jewellery and Treasures of the Counts Toerring-Jettenbach

Die Hochzeits-Tiara der Grafen Toerring-Jettenbach
The Diamond-Flower-Tiara of the Counts of Toerring-Jettenbach

Der Familienscmuck der Grafen Toerring-Jettenbach

Excellent exemple of the mid 19th century`s interest in naturalism. It is composed of diamond set flowers mounted "entremplant" as a tiara. This stratgern enables the blossoms to gently tremble as the wearer moves creating the sense of living blossoms and thistles covered in dew. Decorated with leafes, foliate and floral design set througout with old minde and rose cut diamonds .. parts most detachable....





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